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Heart-2-Heart with MSC: Connecting Community Hearts

Presentation by Family Lawyer – Ms Malathi Das (Immediate Past President of SCWO)


‘More of such sessions for social service practitioners please!’

Sure, we’d love to deliver! Feedback like this sure is encouraging to us at MSC; and we were eager to see the reception to our new initiative – the MSC Heart-2-Heart.

Family Lawyer – Ms Helen Chia responding to queries

The inaugural session, held in June last year sought to bring together like-minded community partners for an evening of sharing and discussion with our volunteer lawyers.

In reaching out to the community through our community partners, MSC has been visiting community partners for more than a year now to share about its services as well as learn more about the resources available across the social service landscape. Through these exchanges, MSC has further found its niche in providing legal advice – not only to the public, but to community partners as well.

This thus birthed the MSC Heart-2-Heart- which is essentially a platform for community partners to share legal issues which are commonly faced by their clients, to equip themselves with basic legal knowledge regarding divorce and marital matters. Our volunteer lawyers, all of whom are experts in Family Law, joined us for the evening and helped to warmly welcome the attendees to share openly and ask questions.

The segment which most differentiates MSC’s new initiative took place during the second half of the evening. Our volunteer lawyers facilitated a breakout group each and addressed the burning questions and case-specific queries (in line with the general theme for the evening) that attendees had come prepared with.

The evening ended on a great note as community partners gathered once again, brimming with new information they were ready to share with each other and henceforth pass on to future clients in need.

Breakout group session
SWHF Heritage Walk


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