• SheCares@SCWO

    SHECARES@SCWO: A one-stop centre to support victims of online harms

    SheCares@SCWO Counselling

    SCWO is proud to announce, in collaboration with SHE, the launch of SHECARES@SCWO, a one-stop centre that provides holistic support for victims of online harms, including a helpline, pro bono legal assistance, counselling and referral to the Police.  Types of harms experienced online include cyberbullying, doxxing, cyberstalking and harassment.   Women and girls more commonly face gender-based tech-facilitated violence such as sexual harassment, stalking, and non-consensual intimate image sharing. They feel less safe online compared to men, according to research such as the Sunlight Alliance for Action Report by the Ministry of Communication and Information.   Junie Foo, President of SCWO, said: “SCWO is enthusiastic about operating SHECARES@SCWO as it…