BoardAgender: From Mentee to Mentee (A Networking Session)


7 October 2022 –Mentees of cohort 2021’s BoardAgender Mentoring Programme for Aspiring Women Directors met with the current Mentees and Committee Members of BoardAgender.

At this networking session, mentees better understand our Mentoring Programme, and its journey, the process and requirements to get on boards and hear first experiences on serving on a board. Additionally, this session enabled increased connectivity between the mentees from both batches. What a great opportunity for all mentees past and present to develop and grow together as a community!

Special thanks to Wily Wan, Raen Lim and Helen Lim for sharing your experiences during the BoardAgender Mentoring Programme and for words of wisdom on the journey of getting on boards and experience while on boards.

Some pieces of advice shared were about understanding the suitability of a board to an individual, how one should research the organisation’s aims and objectives prior to joining and how having a growth mindset is essential.

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