Aims & Objectives

To co-ordinate and act as a federation for women’s organisations, and to bring together all women leaders of Singapore;

To create opportunities for member organisations to share information and collaborate with each other;

To identify areas of common interest , and purpose, and furthering these through unified effort;

To foster friendly relationships, goodwill and understanding amongst women, irrespective of origin, race, or religion;

To provide leadership and work positively towards peace and understanding throughout the world by actively participating regionally and internationally with other like-minded organisations which subscribe to similar aims and objects;

To promote and improve the status of women in Singapore in all fields, and where necessary, seek legislative and policy changes to ensure justice and equal opportunity for women as embodied in the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

To serve as a resource centre for information about women in Singapore and carry out research and training programmes that will benefit women;

To provide direct and support services that address the needs of women in Singapore, with special focus on the needs of vulnerable women.

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