Ms Pek Lay Peng

Co-Opted Member

Organisation: LadiesFirst

Pek Lay Peng, 35, has been in the world of business since she was 23. With her vision, business acumen and corporate stewardship, her family owned business (SHINGDA Construction Pte Ltd) has flourished to a group of companies spanning across complementary industries and more.

Lay Peng also founded SocietyA in 2014, the only omnichannel platform (offline and online), headquartered in Singapore, that curates and connects the best of Asian designers and labels to the world.

In 2016, Lay Peng and her network of like-minded females in diverse business and professional backgrounds came together to form LadiesFirst.

Lay Peng is married to Andy Xie and is a mother to three young boys. She is also an active grassroots leader at Hong Kah North SMC and Goldhill NC.

Lay Peng’s Contribution to LadiesFirst

LadiesFirst was formed in late 2016 and officially registered with Register of Societies in May 2017 with the objective of giving back to the women of the society as we believe that she is the heart of the nucleus (family). Being female-only and working professionals, LadiesFirst believe our ladies of diverse backgrounds are well positioned to identify and execute projects that have greater value add to our Society’s objectives and beneficiaries.

Lay Peng is a founding member of LadiesFirst and is instrumental in banding like-minded females to do good together for our society. To date, she has been directly involved or spearheaded all major projects that LadiesFirst has identified and executed.

Key projects with Lay Peng’s involvement under steering/organising committee:

HPB/PA WIN/HKN WEC/LadiesFirst Partnership for HPB Health Calendar (2017-2019)

LadiesFirst sponsored the conceptualisation, design, production, event launch and community engagement for 50,000 copies over the 3 years. Key beneficiaries include PA WIN, HPB, community partners, VWOs where the calendars are distributed to households as a visual reminder for the annual health message and tips to stay healthy for the entire family. Lay Peng is part of the organising committee for this project.

Arc Children’s Centre (2017-2021)

LadiesFirst fundraised a total of $185,500 for the charity from 2017-2018 and sponsored a 3 year Tomatis Programme for the children’s emotional development therapy. Lay Peng is part of the organising committee for this project.

WIN-WEC/LadiesFirst/ITE Scholarship and Mentorship Programme (2018-2021)

LadiesFirst sponsored ITE female mentees with a scholarship and job attachment whilst building their soft skills such as confidence and public speaking over a course of 3 months each year. Lay Peng is an active mentor and contributor for this project.

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