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SCWO’s Members Connect: An Evening of networking For Member Organisations & Introduction of New Ordinary Members

On Thursday, 8 September 2022, SCWO invited member organisations to gather at the SCWO centre for an evening of networking, camaraderie and dinner. Representatives from over 20 member organisations partook in the evening’s events.  

On this occasion, SCWO introduced new members, Inspiring Girls Singapore and SG Her Empowerment (SHE). 

Mathilde Swierczynska, secretary of Inspiring Girls Singapore (IG Singapore), was invited to share the organisation’s mission and aim.  IG Singapore aims to raise the aspirations of girls starting at an early age, by providing girls with various opportunities to connect with female role models who can inspire them to build confidence to achieve their ambitions through sharing personal life stories of success, face-to-face workshops, and speed-networking events. Read more about IG Singapore here. 

Simran Toor, CEO of SHE, introduced her organisation, which was founded by lawyer Stefanie Yuen Thio when she saw the need for a community effort to tackle emerging new issues for women, including online harms. Her decision was rooted in the Sunlight AfA findings that online harm is an urgent issue, yet many victims do not know how to seek help and therefore do not report incidents of harm. 

SHE’s initial goal is to tackle online harm, which marks the stem of a new initiative between SCWO and SHE – SHECARES@SCWO, which will be launched at the end of 2022. The occasion also witnessed the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between SCWO and SHE’s CEOs, Angel Chan and Simran Toor. 

SHECARES@SCWO, a one-stop victim support centre for victims of online harms will be operationally run by SCWO and will provide victims of online harms with assistance via a helpline, counsellors, and pro bono legal services. The centre will also undertake programmes to raise awareness of and educate people on online harms, and on how to seek redress if one encounters such harms. 

To find out more about SHE, click here. 


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