International Women's Day

SCWO’s IWD 2022

On 8 Mar 2022, SCWO started our IWD celebration with honoring and celebrating 7 outstanding women under the Singapore Women Hall of Fame (SWHF). The high signature induction ceremony was conducted at the Istana, gracefully hosted by our Patron, President Halimah Yacob.
SCWO believes all women from all walks of life and circumstances should be celebrated, honored and supported. That’s what drives all our initiatives in SCWO. In the Bouquet of Heats campaign that was launched on 8 Mar, we collaborated with many like-minded partners to raise funds for SCWO, so that we can continue our work. We curated special celebration packages and “Gift it Forward” packages. Donors get to treat the women around them or surprise them with a special delivery of high tea set. There was also an auction of items that was generously donated by members of public and The Celebrity Agency. The fundraising drive culminated in a virtual finale on 25 March where Mathilda D’Silva, Farisha Ishak and Jeremy Tan entertained and wowed our audiences. SCWO also released its latest corporate video that aim to give us a glimpse into the positive impact that we can make to our women and girls. A total of $100,000 was raised through the campaign.
The month ended on a high note with the release of the White Paper on Singapore Women’s Development on 28 Mar. SCWO, as the key stakeholder and working partner with the Government, has been supporting the many Conversations that led to the White Paper. We look forward to push for quicker implementation of flexible work arrangements, as well as enhance our support services to vulnerable groups of women who are suffering from violence which include financial abuse and digital harms.
Our work continues…. Watch out this space…
Big Thanks to our supporters and donors for joining us in the month of March. It takes a community to bring about change and advancement and we pin on you for your continued support of our work.
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