Project Awesome
Project Awesome

Project Awesome celebrates women’s achievements

To wrap up our line-up of activities in March, CHIJ Secondary welcomed Project Awesome at the end of March to bring in our roving exhibition to showcase the stories of some of the Awesome inductees in the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame.  

Project Awesome
Project Awesome

Many of the women featured are remarkable CHIJ alumnae, including writer Catherine Lim, Chinese opera doyenne Joanna Wong, pioneer social activist Constance Singam and former national swimmer Junie Sng. Students were able to learn about their lives during the one-week exhibition located outside the school’s general office.  

CHIJ Secondary also invited one of SCWO’s Board Members, Wong Jia Yun, to share about her journey as a woman leader with the entire school cohort during assembly. While she works in the financial sector by day, she firmly wears her identity as an advocate, mentor & women’s empowerment champion every moment. 

Jia Yun shared about her experiences and valuable lessons learnt from putting herself in challenging situations and emerging stronger from them. The assembly also marked the start of CHIJ Secondary’s student leader nominations for this year. 

Many of the remarkable women we recognise today began their journeys as young students who discovered their dreams along the way. Through Project Awesome, we seek to empower all youths to take the leap and pursue their goals and find out what each of us are capable of. 



Thank you to CHIJ Secondary for your continued support for Project Awesome! 

Project Awesome Jia Yun

Project Awesome organises outreach programmes to schools and youths to inspire, celebrate the achievements and tell the often-untold stories of Singapore’s phenomenal women. If you would like to arrange for our roving exhibition to come to your school or organisation, drop us an email at 

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