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Preventing Tech-enabled Abuse with Kaspersky: Why Doxers Act.

8 November 2022 – With our lives integrating with technology and as we spend more and more time with a digital presence, personal data can be easily attained. It is becoming increasingly important to secure our privacy and prevent tech abuse, especially since it does not take a professional hacker or a technologically savvy person to retrieve our private data.

Anyone with no technical knowledge can collect and publish information about someone without his or her knowledge.

Doxers can be anyone who uses a victim’s private information publicly. While the reasons may vary, doxers can retrieve information easily from social media, cloud storage spaces, websites and any online platform, game or app.


SCWO partnered with Kaspersky to provide a free workshop on preventing tech-enabled abuse. Kaspersky shared with the audience – how to prevent personal information from being misused, how to protect our own private information as well as others’, the importance of security software, and the many possible reasons behind a doxer’s motives.

Here are some reasons why doxers act:

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1.     Revenge through image-based sexual abuse


In instances of a relationship turns sour, a doxer might choose to turn to image-based sexual abuse and publish the private and personal data of the victim.


2.     Spread fake information for fun.


This could be in the instances of using deep-fake photos or videos, where a person’s face is manipulated onto another body, depicting situations that could possibly be illegal, outrageous or shocking.


3. Identity theft for advantage


Doxers may steal identities and create new social media accounts in an effort to cheat the victims’ friends and followers of money.

To be fully aware on how you can protect yourself from doxers and tech-enabled abuse, you can now watch the workshop via our YouTube Channel.

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