Our Logo

The Logo represents our core values of social responsibility and service to the women in Singapore.

  • The circle represents the embracement of women and the overall role of SCWO for all women’s organisations.
  • The ‘O’ with 4 different colours, represent our diverse interests and operation objectives of the women’s organisations for which SCWO serves and represents.
  • The symbol of the ‘O’ or interlocking circle represents unity and the need for us to work together to serve the different needs of women in Singapore.


The 3 purple bars depict SCWO’s work to advance the status of women –

  • To serve as a national coordinating body for women’s organisations in Singapore and foster friendly relationships, goodwill and understanding amongst women’s organisations and women, irrespective of race, colour, or religion;
  • To ensure justice to all women, protect and to further women’s welfare
  • To educate, inform and advocate and serve as a resource centre for women’s issues in Singapore


The 3 alternate purple bars around the ‘O’ symbolises, power, strength and has long been a colour of the women’s movement.

The other 3 colour bands – yellow, green and blue depicts our different women’s groups:

  • Arts, Sports, and Community Groups
  • Professional, Business and Labour Women’s Groups
  • Advocacy, Service and Network Groups


SWHF Heritage Walk


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