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Member Spotlight: LeanIn.Org

LeanIn.Org was founded by Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg in 2013 and is a global women’s network focused on helping women achieve their ambitions and to create a more equal world.

A conversation with Sheryl Sandberg in November 2017 with the Lean In Singapore Chapter Members

Founded in 2016, Lean In Singapore’s mission is to inspire, equip, and empower the women of Singapore to fulfil their career ambitions and lead successful, happy lives. Today we are a community of over 3,000 women and men, and over 89 circles across all ages, backgrounds and profession. We are a non-profit, volunteer run organisation and we host monthly events/workshops that encourages women across Singapore to Lean In together. We believe that women accomplish amazing things when we support each other.

At the core of Lean in Singapore is circles. Circles are a group of 8-12 women that meet regularly for peer to peer support. Lean In Chapter (community of over 3,000 women and men) is a collection of these circles and individual members who come together for the events we host.
As circles is the core of Lean In Singapore, all our events will provide attendees with a circle experience. A circle experience will allow attendees to have conversations and discussions in a safe space. At the end of the circle discussions, individuals will walk away with actions they’d like to take for themselves.

A circle discussion during our partnership event with AWARE on Sexual Harassment to at Salesforce
Our attendees with their action cards in hand








It is important that the events we run are authentic and empowering so that everyone who attends will be inspired and equipped to take action and make changes on their own – leaning in whether in their careers or in their personal lives.

The events we run are typically:

  • Chapter Level Events
    • These events are open to all 3,000 members and anyone who is keen to attend
  • Partnerships with Companies
    • These events are organised in partnership with companies on specialised topic areas and is open to all 3,000 members and anyone keen to attend (i.e. Partnering with AWARE on sexual harassment)
  • Internal Workshops for Companies
    • These workshops are run in companies, for their employees

The events run by Lean In Singapore are focused around the 6 pillars. Through research, these 6 pillars have been identified to play a crucial role in helping women Lean In.

  1. Circle Support
    • Learn how to launch, start and run successful, impactful circles (small groups of women who meet monthly to offer each other peer-to-peer support).
  2. HeForShe
    • Enable men to be champions and to level the playing field by addressing gender bias and advocating for female co-workers.
  3. Hidden Figures
    • We can’t be what we can’t see. We highlight the personal experiences and continuing contributions of everyday women.
  4. Mentorship Matters
    • Learn why mentorship matters for women, how to find a mentor, be a great mentee and why it’s never too early to be a mentor.
  5. Navigate Networking
    • Learn how to build a strategic network that benefits you, your organization, and your contacts.
  6. Unconscious Bias
    • Raise awareness of unconscious bias, how it impacts gender balance in the workplace, and how to counteract its impact
Our most recent chapter level event on Unconscious Bias at Facebook in June 2019
A partnership event with Women of the Future Awards on Hidden Figures hosted by Aviva
Part of our amazing volunteer team and part of the Lean In Singapore leadership team

As Lean In is a non-profit organisation, we rely a lot on the generosity of companies and sponsors to continue doing the things we do and impacting as many women and men as possible.

We have through the years worked with lot of companies who share the same mission and we are very thankful to all our partners and sponsors who have been supportive of what we do and making Leaning In possible.

If you are thinking about how you can partner with Lean In Singapore, just reach out to us at and we’ll be in touch!

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