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International Women’s Day Lunch & SWHF 10th Induction Ceremony

March 8 @ 11:00 am - 2:30 pm

Join us for an extraordinary celebration of empowerment and achievement at the SCWO’s International Women’s Day Celebrations. This year’s event promises to be a momentous occasion as we proudly induct ten remarkable individuals into the prestigious Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame, recognising their outstanding contributions to society.

As we honour these trailblazers, we are equally thrilled to showcase the talent and creativity of young minds through the Project Awesome Art competition. Witness the inspiring interpretations of the awe-inspiring women inducted into the Hall through the eyes of our talented student artists.

It’s a day of inspiration, recognition, and artistic expression, celebrating the resilience, strength, and brilliance of women who have shaped and continue to shape Singapore’s history. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this empowering event that bridges generations and fosters a sense of community and pride in the achievements of extraordinary women.




By contributing to the event, you’re investing in a movement that champions gender equality, celebrates success, and uplifts women in diverse fields. This International Women’s Day, let’s come together to celebrate the achievements and resilience of women.

The Benefits of the SCWO International Women’s Day Luncheon and SWHF Induction Ceremony are truly exceptional, offering a multifaceted and enriching experience. The inclusion of a Heritage Walk adds a unique dimension, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in the rich history of Singapore and its remarkable women. The “Awesome Women of Singapore” book, undoubtedly a highlight, serves as a lasting tribute, capturing the inspiring stories of extraordinary women who have made significant contributions to society. Complementing this, the “Lives of Women” exhibition provides a visual narrative that not only celebrates the diverse experiences of women but also fosters a deeper understanding of their resilience and achievements. Together, these components create a comprehensive and engaging sponsorship package that not only aligns with the event’s objectives but also leaves a lasting impact on all participants.

The Awesome Women of Singapore (Book)






  • Hajjah Fatimah Binte Sulaiman, the businesswoman and philanthropist to whom the mosque at Beach Road is dedicated
  • Laurentia Tan, Singapore’s most decorated Paralympian
  • Hedwig Anuar, who was the director of the National Library for 28 years.

Lawyers, activists, soldiers, swimmers and scientists, these women, from all colours and creeds, fought to break the mould. Singapore today is partly shaped by their tremendous work. 


Illustrated by 10 female Singapore artists, the book hopes to encourage young children and inspire generations with the stories of these Singapore women—all from the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame—who worked hard to achieve their dreams. Many saw hardships along the way, but they never gave up. 


The book’s editor, Margaret Thomas, is a seasoned writer who is deeply involved in SCWO activities. Margaret Thomas was an investment analyst before she found her calling in journalism. She spent some 25 years in the newsrooms of The Business Times, The Singapore Monitor and Today, mostly in senior editing positions. She was also part of the founding team of Singapore Press Holding’s internet arm, Asiaone. She was a founder member of AWARE (Association of Women for Action and Research) and of migrant-rights group TWC2. She now works on books and related projects. 




Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame Heritage Walk



Immerse yourself in Singapore’s heritage and learn about the impact that women made on our nation’s development. The enriching walk around the city centre takes you by the historic buildings and areas.  

  • The rich stories of the landmarks and key locations along the route 
  • How some of the women in the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame lent a hand in the shaping of Singapore’s history  

Walking in the Footsteps of our Foremothers takes you around the Bras Basah Bugis Precinct on foot. The walk is approximately 1.5 hours.  


The Lives of Women Exhibition




The history books are full of information about the lives and achievements of men; little is said about women. From 2018 to 2022, the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame launched a series of exhibitions to tell the story of women and their changing roles and status in Singapore over the years, and will bring this information to you in bite-sized formats.

The Lives of Women: What life was like for women in pre-Independence Singapore (Part 1) 

What was life like for women in pre-independence Singapore?  What roles did women play in a society where, until well into the 20th century, there were far more males than females? Who were the women who first broke through the gender barriers in the professions? What brought about the new laws that were introduced soon after Independence and which significantly affected the lives of women? 

The Lives of Women: How have women progressed in Singapore since independence? (Part 2) 

Following the stories of women’s lives in post-Independence Singapore (1965 to present day), we present key facts and figures that show the progress, or lack of it, made by women in education, work, public life, and in society. In addition to tracing how social perceptions of women have changed over the years, the exhibition commemorates women, their impactful contributions to Singapore and unprecedented achievements in various spheres of society. 

The Lives of Women: What will life be like for women in Singapore in 2050? (Part 3) 

This third exhibition looks at some key issues and trends affecting women in Singapore today and pose questions about what the situation might be like in 2050, and highlight what people have to say about their vision of an ideal Singapore of 2050. 



March 8
11:00 am - 2:30 pm
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Fullerton Hotel