SCWO in the Media (2006 – 2009)

MediaTitleFeatured / Quoted
The Singapore Law Gazette (Law Society of S'pore)Dec-09Managing the Family: One Problem, Many ProblemsSCWO Taskforce for Improving the Enforcement of Maintenance Orders
Straits Times26-Nov-09Women-only business and professional networks sproutSCWO
The New Paper16-Sep-09What to do when ex-hubbies won't payMrs Laura Hwang
Sunday Times6-Sep-09Docs donate $25,000Star Shelter
The New Paper5-Sep-09Remaking lives of abused womenMs Azrahayu Ahmad Afandi
8 Days3-Sep-09Lelong with the StarsSCWO
Lian He Zao Bao3-Sep-092 doctors donate to SCWO for Star ShelterSCWO & Star Shelter
Berita Harian28-Jul-09Make sure you pay your maintenance feesMrs Laura Hwang
Straits Times28-Jul-09Family maintenance: Renewed call to set up bodySCWO
Lian He Zao Bao28-Jul-09SCWO recommends setting up of support centre to monitor maintenance paymentsMrs Laura Hwang
Business Times weekend7-Mar-09S'pore best-kept secretMs Junie Foo
Business Times weekend7-Mar-09Women on board? Not quiteMrs Noor Quek
The Director's Bulletin (SID)Issue no. Jan 08The Women's Register: Matching the talents of women leaders to the needs of the communityWomen's Register
The Director's Bulletin (SID)Issue no. Jun 08Women's Help Group: Support with a softer touchDr Ann Tan
Straits Times10-Jul-081 in 2 sexually harassed at work : StudyDr Ann Tan
Business TimesMar-08What women really want - flexibilityMs Junie Foo
VanillaMar-08Ladies, it's time to Power LunchSCWO
Straits Times17-Jan-08No room for abused women at sheltersMrs Wee Wan Joo
Straits Times1-Jan-08New shelter to house abused Muslim womenMrs Wee Wan Joo
Bamboo Telegraph (AWA)Oct-07New2U Thrift StoreNEW2U
The FinderSep-07Seeking regular volunteers for SCWO's New2U ThriftstoreSCWO
Straits Times (Life)24-Aug-07SCWO Garage Sale: Come shop while you make a differenceNEW2U
Straits Times (Urban)23-Aug-07News Flash – Charity SaleSCWO
Straits Times (Life)22-Jun-07Beautiful: Conversations with Inspirational Women of our timesSCWO
SALT (NVPC)May-Jun 2007Wonder Women: Women's Register launchWomen's Register
Straits Times2-Mar-07Now, a network just for womenMrs Arfat Selvam
Business Times16-Mar-07Connecting womenMrs Wee Wan Joo, Mrs Arfat Selvam, Ms Junie Foo
PrestigeMar-07FeatureMrs Arfat Selvam
Lian He Wan Bao22-Feb-06More than 120 hours of celebration this IWDSCWO