President's Message

A Message from Dr June Goh, President of SCWO

Standing: (Left to right) Sara Mei Woo, Winifred Loh, Trina Liang, Avan Chan, Irene Boey, Lavinia Thanapathy Seated: (Left to right) Janet Lim, Shiong Yee Ho, June Goh, Susia Wong Absent: Hazlina Amran Halim, Joanna Portilla, Malathi Das

Dear SCWO supporters and friends,

As we welcome the 19th board of SCWO, I would like to thank the wonderful ladies of the outgoing 18th board. Malathi has been dynamic and inspiring in her leadership and, together with her team, represented us on well on the international platform and in local dialogues. I am glad for the bonds of friendship formed and grateful for the wisdom and experience they have imparted.

I am honoured but humbled by this position. I have a board made up of energetic and influential women, leaders in their own organizations and fields, to aid me in this task, and together with the new board will do my utmost to represent the 60 women’s organizations that SCWO helms.

We will collaborate and engage with our member organizations, reaching out to the most vulnerable women of our society and addressing their concerns and alleviating their struggles. I speak on behalf of both myself and the board in saying that we will continue organizing activities that enrich the lives of women, provide vital services those marginalized and be a fair representative of our various groups.

I look forward to serving with the 19th board and I am grateful to have the assistance from the indefatigable Selina Gan and SCWO secretariat. Together, we will strive to fufill our mission to promote the ideals of ‘Equal Space, Equal Voice and Equal Worth’ for women in Singapore.

Dr June Goh
President, SCWO

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