Multidimensional Boundaries; Advanced Mayan Diagnostic Initiation; The Quickening: Quantum Leap

Come play in the co-creative field with Dr. Suzan Rossi for 3 powerful multidimensional classes, where we explore deep spiritual truths and receive powerful energetic initiations from a master teacher of the Mayan Curanderos Lineage. Multidimensional Boundaries are essential for maintaining, supporting and protecting the integrity of a whole, healthy and peaceful wellbeing. Please join […]

Empowerment for Work-Life Success Workshop

Organised by WEWAM Ltd   In today’s fast-paced and competitive work environment, employees often face the challenges of trying to complete work responsibilities while meeting childcare or eldercare needs. Some become stressed at work while family relationships get affected. Others may quit work resulting in a loss of talent/resource for the organisation. A working mum […]

The Networking Mindset

Organised by PrimeTime Business and Professional Women Singapore   Join us for a special event with one of Europe’s leading business networking strategists Invite people to a networking event and many will find any excuse not to go. Images fill our minds of people exchanging business cards and elevator pitches over cold canapes and warm […]

Preparing for Ageing and Retirement

Organised by SCWO and Singapore Management University <REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSE> Are Singaporeans Prepared for Retirement? The consensus is that we aren’t. Just as we had to look for career guidance during our early years, now we are looking for retirement guidance as we age. Join us for a discussion on Ageing and Retirement Preparedness […]

Let’s Talk: Single parents need homes, too

Organised by AWARE Everyone deserves a home. But Singapore’s housing policies create hardship for single-parent families. HDB’s complicated rules favour married couples, leaving single parents scrambling with frequent house moves, financial drain, strained family relationships, emotional stress and long waits, just for a place to call their own. This must change. To mark International Day of Families, […]

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