Volunteer Orientation

SCWO invites you to our Volunteer Orientation where you will get to know more about our organisation and the various volunteer opportunities.

Spiritual Technique to manage your Stress and Anger (English)

Organised by Spiritual Science Research Foundation   Everyone wants to experience more happiness in life and to achieve this we need to go deeper within ourselves. How we react to situations depends on the impressions within our sub-conscious mind. Learn how to identify personality defects that are causing stress/reactions and an effective spiritual technique to overcome […]

Breezing through Menopause

Organised by KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital   Valuable advices and trusted tips from our healthcare experts will help you manage and overcome the common physical and emotional symptoms of menopause.   The public forum will be conducted in English and Mandarin.

Reignite Your Career in the Financial Services Sector

Organised by NTUC U Family Succeed in your career & family, upskill your knowledge competency and explore opportunities in Financial Services Sector!   Programme 1:30pm – Registration 2:00pm – Re-Ignite Your PMET Career with Returners Programme by NTUC U Family 2:10pm – Succeeding in Your Career & Family by Mrs May Schooling, professional accountant and […]

Global Advancement of Women Conference

Organised by Working Mother Media The two day Global Advancement of Women Conference will provide professional women with access to action tools and strategies in order to advance their careers, increase their influence and have positive impact on their companies. The conference will enable participants to hone their vital leadership competencies, gain better insights to managing […]

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