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Ms K Thanaletchimi

Hon Gen Secretary

Organisation: NTUC Women & Family Unit

Ms K. Thanaletchimi is a Nominated Member of Parliament, and elected member of the NTUC Central Committee and the President of the Healthcare Services Employees Union (HSEU).  She was elected as the President of the National University Hospital Employees’ Union (NUHEU) IN 1998.

Other Key Appointments in NTUC:

  • Chairperson, NTUC Women’s Committee
  • Chairperson, Labour Movement’s Healthcare Cluster
  • Chairperson, NTUC Membership Committee

Other Appointments:

  • Member, MediShield Life Council, Ministry of Health
  • Member, Board of Management, People’s Association
  • Member, Essential Domestic Services Subcommittee, Future Economy Council

Tertiary Education:

  • Masters Degree in Health Science Management, University of Sydney, Australia
  • Bachelor Degree of Science (Honours), University of Bradford, United Kingdom

More of Ms K. Thanaletchimi:

Ms K. Thanaletchimi’s passion is to advance the interest of working people on issues that matter most: jobs and cost of living, with a special interest and emphasis on areas related to women and healthcare.

Women at the Heart of the Workforce

With more than 20 years of union work experience, she has insights into the issues that trouble ordinary working people – employment rights, workers’ dignity, and having adequate opportunities to enhance one’s skillsets to remain relevant in this changing economy.

Being a full-time employee herself, she understands the challenges faced by women in the workplace as they go through different life-stages.

Her advocacy areas include:

  • Making every company a fair and progressive workplace; including protecting workers from workplace abuse and harassment
  • Advancing the women workforce; with the support of an eco-system that supports family life and procreation
  • Attracting women to remain / re-enter the workforce by equipping them with the right skills for the right jobs and through job-matching
  • Futureproofing women by readying them to embrace the jobs of the future; particularly in science, technology, engineering and mathematics
  • Ensuring retirement adequacy for women
  • Supporting single mothers, especially in the workplace

It is her hope that over time, the labour participation rate for women will improve significantly to match that of Scandinavian countries.  Ms K. Thanaletchimi continues to leverage her regular engagement with the working people to shape policies that affect working people, for the good of the nation and its future.

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