Ms Bay Teck Cheng

President, Society for Women’s Initiatives for Ageing Successfully (WINGS)

President of Society for Women’s Initiatives for Ageing Successfully (WINGS) Bay Teck Cheng is a proponent of women’s ageing agenda in Singapore. Founded in 2007, WINGS has been developing holistic programmes to empower women to age well in areas of physical, mental, financial well-being and social connectedness. She has also spearheaded initiatives to help older women embrace digitalisation as technology becomes an increasingly ubiquitous part of daily lives, impacting the way we work, communicate, and form relationships. 

She also serves on the Board of Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO) and co-chairs SCWO’s Taskforce for Ageing which aims to bring to light the gender related phenomenon of ageing. To this end, SCWO published a research report “Tomorrow’s New Old: Singapore’s Future Cohort of Ageing” to better understand the needs and expectations of a new generation of seniors and submitted a report on “Older Women’s Responses to the White Paper on Singapore Women’s Development” with our partners in Singapore Alliance for Women in Ageing. She believes in providing voices for older women to inform policy options and community actions. 

Panel Discussion (3.45pm)

Our Ageing Population: Transforming Societal Structures​

As Singapore continues to age, it becomes increasingly imperative to examine and adapt our societal structures to better serve the needs of our senior citizens. Apart from providing economic, emotional and psychological support to this growing demographic, how can we also tap on seniors as an invaluable resource that can enrich and expand our development as a society?

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