Work/Life – Be In Charge

Organised by Federation of Business and Professional Women Singapore

Workshop benefits:

  • Generate bold and innovative ideas or creatively tackle problems–from product creators to entrepreneurs to business leaders.
  • Learn how to work with the different styles and Identifying your style. Develop a ‘Choice’ Awareness,
  • Learn various types of harassment you may encounter within organisation, what to do, and understand why harassment should never be tolerated
  • Obtain skills that can help you support victims of harassment, develop a plan to ensure nobody is harassed in the workplace

Workshop Objectives: 

  • Understanding Mindset Choice Decision-making
  • Dealing with Workplace Harassment
  • Growing your Options
  • Cultivating the right mindset for success

Who should attend:  

  • Those who are aiming to cultivate new mindset for growth and development
  • Those who are seeking career or life success
  • Those who are keen to adopt lifelong learning as their life goal

About Sujata Tiwari 

Sujata Tiwari,  is an author, life mentor, writer, and an investigation, detection and surveillance consultant. She is also a brand protection and anti-counterfeiting specialist. She is an experienced podium speaker, entrepreneur, social activist, and a crusader of human, women’s, and animal rights.

For over 25 years Sujata has been developing knowledge about the aspirational focus of leaders. Clients prioritize conversations with Sujata because she is their triage partner. Sujata’s clients find the work refreshing and intense, and look forward to their sessions. Prepare to go next level on all work & personal fronts.


Event Date:
12 June 2021
Event Time:
2pm - 3:30pm
Online (Zoom)
Free Admission
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