WOMEN WEDNESDAYS – Supporting You to Make Life Work


In our quest to be be better mothers & career women, we are often overwhelmed by the demands on us. When a woman becomes a mother, her values change – as does her motivations in life and her choices. Unfortunately, the world around us does not always understand that – and so we become pressed to give and give and give.

This 5-session series allows you to explore the various challenges we face as women. As we guide you with concrete “know-hows” and deliverables you can achieve, each session will act as a platform for you to make changes in that specific areas of focus.

In addition, Sam, a certified Life Coach (& a mother of 4 herself) will facilitate the small group discussion to have specific outcomes at the end. Our focus is to make sure each attendee gets the most out of each session.

Session 1: Personal Identity and Roles (8 March 2017, Wed)
Understand how your roles shape you and how to strike a balance in your life

Session 2: Life Purpose and Goals (5th April 2017, Wed)
Get clarity on your life purpose and set SMART goals

Session 3: Time Management (3rd May 2017, Wed)
Learn new hacks and skills in time management to help you attain your goals faster

Session 4: Balance for Life (7th June 2017, Wed)
Dispel the myth of work-life balance and get the balance you need

Session 5: Self Care (12th July 2017, Wed)
Find out the important role Self Care plays in getting the best life for you 

Event Date:
Every 2nd Wed of the month
8 Mar – 12 Jul 2017
Event Time:
9:30am – 12:30pm
SCWO Centre, Training Room 1
96 Waterloo Street S(187967)
Single Session = $53.40
Entire Series (of 5 sessions) = $240.30 (instead of $267)
Contact Person:
Info Team (Mums@Work Singapore)