Success: Is there a secret?


Jix Sze & Partners LLP is pleased to present our maiden public run workshop. As a celebration of our first public run, each attendee will receive a complimentary copy of Jix’s book: Chasing the Dragon Out: An inspiring story of a drug addict’s altered destiny. Come, join us!


Is there really a secret or formula to success? In life, we face either failure or success in the things we do, be it work or personal endeavours. The path to success and its measure differs for each person because everyone encounters different obstacles, challenges, and degrees of support. If at all there is a secret, that secret lies within you. You, play a central and critical role when striving in your endeavours.


About Trainer

From a life of drug addiction, an odd-job labourer; with no qualification and poor in the English language – against the odds, today, Jix Sze is a businessman and trainer.

Jix is an avid advocate of the indomitable spirit of humans.

Event Date:
4 March 2022
Event Time:
9am - 4.30pm
SCWO, 96 Waterloo street
$98 per attendee
Contact Person:
Event coordinator