Stop Playing Safe: Find your courage to make your biggest mark

Organised by PrimeTime Business & Professional Women’s Association 

Stop Playing Safe: Find your courage to make your biggest mark

Ever held back from making a change or taking a chance because you’re afraid of what might happen if you did? You’re not alone.

Join bestselling author, Forbes columnist and international speaker Margie Warrell for a powerful evening where you’ll identify your ‘blind spots’ and create a game plan to conquer the fears that limit your success – in work and life.

Margie will draw from her diverse experience to equip you with practical strategies and powerful insights that get to the heart of what keeps you from living your full potential and enjoying greater success and fulfillment – in your relationships, career, leadership and life.

Are you living at your full potential? If not, what’s in the way?

Invest an evening in your biggest future and you’ll leave armed with the clarity, confidence and courage to pursue your boldest goals.

– Three questions to get you ‘on purpose’ unlocking the courage, creativity and passion that often lays dormant

– ‘Reset your compass’ on a vision that harnesses your strengths, amplifies your presence & gets others ‘on board’ supporting your boldest ambitions

– Why you must ‘rethink risk’ and stop discounting the cost of inaction to take the brave actions you’ve been putting off

– Reclaim ‘power leakages’ from excuses, justifications and people pleasing

– How to respond to naysayers, critics and rejections with grace and grit

– Train the Brave: Building psychological muscles that bolster self-confidence, resilience and expand your impact and leadership influence as a change maker

– How to use self-compassion to ‘fail forward’ and stay motivated over the long haul.

Margie Warrell, Live Bravely

Event Date:
Thursday, 8 November 2018
Event Time:
6.30pm to 9.30pm
The Tanglin Club, 5 Stevend Road
Members: $50
Contact Person:
Bushra Ahad