SAAP Webinar: Liver Health & How it Affects You

Your liver is one of the most vital organs in your body essential for converting excess carbohydrates and
protein into forms that are stored for later use while synthesising other fat, like cholesterol. The liver
produces bile to help break down and absorb fats. Waste products and toxins are removed through

Do you know that a stomach bulge and having brown spots (pigmentation) appearing on face and skin
are signs of poor liver function?

Join SAAP in this interactive webinar via zoom to learn how to tackle it naturally without steroids and
chemical medications. Get to know the TCM perspective on how to improve liver health and the
knowledge to care and strengthen your liver.

Event Date:
Saturday, 5 December 2020
Event Time:
Online (via Zoom)
$5 for SAAP Members | $10 for Non-Members
Contact Person:
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