March’s 2nd Thursday Meeting- IWD Celebrations Redefining Gender (In)equity

Stepping up the dialogue, PrimeTime Professional Women’s Association invites men to the table. Gender equity is a human issue. The World Economic Forum says that at current progress, it will be 8 generations (217 years) to economic equity, 50 years after action for equity started.

If gender equity is to be this generation, it will be because the leaders of nations and businesses large and small take action to make it so. Women and men moving past initiatives into results.

While men can fairly say ‘I’ve not experienced what women have’, they can and are part of the solution. After all, they are 50% of humanity. Reality: Men influence government treaties, men influence the major businesses that hold the economic power of the modern world and men influence employment in SMEs the largest source of employment here in Singapore.

Our panel discussion for International Women’s 2018 Day invites action from leaders. #HeForShe We will drill into the journey of three male leaders and the actions they’ve taken in creating gender equity that others can follow.

Our panelists for this exciting event on International Women’s Day are:

Ambassador Karsten Warnecke, Executive Director Asia – Europe Foundation

Mr Richard Stone, Director, Talent & Organization Effectiveness – AMEA at Mondelēz International

Mr Johnathan O’Byrne, Founder and CEO at Collective Works

Mr Fredrik Härén, Author and Keynote speaker

Moderator: Ms Joanne Flinn, Author, Futurist, Founder of Project Wings

Event Date:
8th March 2018
Event Time:
6.30pm - 9.30pm
Early Bird $45, Members $50, Affiliates $50, Guests $70, At the Door $70
Contact Person:
Lavinia Thanapathy