March for Breastfeeding

Walking is a form of self-care. This campaign aims to raise awareness on the importance of self-care and support for breastfeeding women this March in conjunction with International Women’s Day 2022.

If you do the math, a year of breastfeeding equates to a conservative estimate of 1,800 hours of a mother’s time. This isn’t far off from a full time job considering that a 40-hour work week with three weeks of vacation comes in at 1,960 hours of work time a year. However, mothers often do not have the luxury of practicing self-care daily.

Let’s show our support for breastfeeding mothers by joining our charity walkathon themed: “March for Breastfeeding”, in conjunction with International Women’s Day. Exercise is an important part of the lives of many breastfeeding mothers. With a little planning, they can balance their self-care needs with the demands of a young family. Walking is a common form of exercise that the whole family can participate in.

Motherhood is not an easy journey. Let’s support mothers by walking the journey with them.

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