Future of Singapore Campaign Discussion

What would the Future of Singapore be?
Join in this discussion to share your views.

Retired civil servant Richard Tan has mounted many successful national campaigns since the early 1980s. From Total Defence to national songs and Sing Singapore in the 1980s and the global award winning campaigns on Family and Filial Piety in recent years, his initiatives have inspired the nation and stood the test of time in terms of their long term impact.

But he recognises that Singaporeans no longer see govt campaigns in the same way as before. He therefore wants to seek guidance from different groups of people across our society for a new campaign he is planning. This time as a people’s sector initiative. The aim is to inspire Singaporeans to think about how we can all help to build a stronger future for the country.

Richard will lead this Focus Group Discussion to gather views from women.

Organised by Business and Professional Women’s Association (Third Chapter), this event is opened to anyone 16 years and above.

Event Date:
18 March 2022
Event Time:
7pm - 9pm
SCWO, 96 Waterloo street
Contact Person:
Joanna Portilla