Daughters Of Tomorrow IWD ’22 Roundtable event

In commemoration of IWD in March this year, Daughters Of Tomorrow is organising an in-person three-day roundtable/workshop in support of our fundraising efforts, centred around the theme “Women in the Workplace: Equity and Equality”. From this theme, we’ve subdivided into three sub-themes namely: Living Wages, Caregiving, and Digital Inclusion.

We’re inviting different stakeholders to participate in this roundtable, comprising of researchers, other NGOs, corporate partners and DOT community leaders as well to share their expertise or lived experiences given these different issues. After every panel discussion, the participants will have a chance to take part in either art, mindfulness, yoga and gong meditation that will tie nicely to the pillar subject for the day.

A wonderful community engagement opportunity for anyone who is keen to learn more about the community we serve, cultivate better empathy and mindfulness amongst themselves.


Event Date:
11-13 March 2022
Event Time:
10am - 10:30am (RoundTable); 1:00pm - 3:00pm (Workshop)
Common Ground Civic Centre
1 pax (per session) = $30; 5 pax and above (per session) = $100 [ so $20 per pax and session ]
Contact Person:
Khadijah; Brendan