Climate-Positive Investing: How to Truly Invest Sustainably


Connected Women and Women+Invest are pleased to present the Connected Women Speaker Series where women with in-depth knowledge and experience of a particular type of investing are invited to address Connected Women members and some members of the public who wish to learn more.


On 10 MARCH 2022, we will kick off with a talk on Climate-Positive Investing: How to Truly Invest Sustainably by Susanna Hasenoehrl, SAP’s Head of Sustainability Asia-Pacific and Japan and a global keynote speaker on sustainability.


As our planet overheats, we need to act fast. The Paris Agreement’s target goals need to be met, with greenhouse gas emissions halving by 2030. To quickly advance the climate agenda, our investment community can play a pivotal role in pushing the climate fight forward.


In this talk, Susanna will point us to the things individual investors should pay attention to, the questions we should ask ourselves and of our financial advisors (if we have them) in order to channel our money and wealth towards investments that will make a positive difference to the environment, without greenwashing.

Event Date:
10 March 2022
Event Time:
7pm - 9pm
Crane@Robertson Quay, 46 Kim Yam Road #01-06
$45 (dinner included)
Contact Person:
Schutz Lee, Louisa Lee