Cancer Screening Services at No Cost

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Organised by Singapore Cancer Society

Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) provides the following cancer screening services at no cost:

  1. FIT Kit (For Colorectal Cancer) Singaporean & PR Above 50 years old Have not done a colonscopy before
  2. Pap Smear (For Cervical Cancer) Singaporean & PR Women 25 – 69 years old Have engaged in sexual intercourse before
  3. Mammogram (For Breast Cancer) Singaporean 50 – 69 years old Health assist (CHAS) card holder only

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Cancer is the leading cause of death in Singapore. 1 in 3 deaths is attributable to cancer. As such, regular cancer screening is important. Cancer screening helps to detect cancer at an early stage when treatment offers a better chance of a cure. Early detection saves lives.