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SAAP Webinar: Liver Health & How it Affects You

Your liver is one of the most vital organs in your body essential for converting excess carbohydrates and protein into forms that are stored for later use while synthesising other fat, like cholesterol. The liver produces bile to help break down and absorb fats. Waste products and toxins are removed through bile. Do you know […]

WR-NUS Pre UADC Debating Championships 2020

The WR-NUS Pre-UADC Debating Championship aims to raise awareness for gender equality and engage the forthcoming generations of thought leaders to discuss their concerns and express their future aspirations, with a focus on women’s issues relating to “Marriage and Family Life”, “Workplace and Employment”, “Violence Against Women”, “Women in Ageing” and “Financial Literacy”. This championship […]

Break the Ceiling Touch the Sky®

Organised by House of Rose The 2020 World Edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky® – the success and leadership summit for women, will be held virtually on Nov 11 & 12, 2020. This is the sixth annual edition of the summit and will bring together the world’s best leaders in business and society to learn best practices […]

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