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WR Presents: Build Your Safety Net – Be Prepared if You Fall
Bystander to Allyship in the Workplace

Organised by United Women Singapore We have the pleasure of featuring Catherine Mattice-Zundell, Founder & CEO, Civility Partners. Harassment prevention training does not prevent harassment unless people also learn tactics for speaking up in the moment to put a stop to unacceptable behaviours, and unless managers learn tactics for interrupting incivility and bullying before they […]

First Responders: On the Front Lines of Domestic Violence

Organised by United Women Singapore First responders are a critical point of intervention for those individuals in their life-changing situation and as such, the importance of the training of first responders to properly identify and deal with potential domestic violence incidents. Learn more about an integrated community justice programme – Calgary’s Domestic Conflict Response Team where this new collaborative approach […]

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