IT Hub Graduation 2020

Our annual IT Hub Graduation Tea took place on Saturday, 11 January 2020 and celebrated the achievements of our students who have successfully completed IT Hub courses for the year. We were joined by SCWO Board Member and IT Hub Chairperson, Yeo Miu Ean, IT Hub Co-Chairperson, Sara Mei Woo, IT Hub Committee Members, volunteers, […]

January 31, 2020

Internship Reflection – Eleanor Que

Having attended a girls’ school for 10 years, I never doubted that women were and are as capable as men. However, the sociology classes I took in university opened my eyes to the reality of glass ceilings, gendered division of labour and under-representation of women in various fields, all which still prevail in Singapore. This […]


Presidents’ Forum and Annual Lohei Lunch 2020

The first Presidents’ Forum session of the year was held on 18 January 2020, which was attended by over 30 of our member organisations. This session was not only held for members to provide updates on their organisations’ plans for the new year but also to introduce the first round of recipients of the Seeds […]

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