Ms Teo Lin-Lee

2nd Vice President

Organisation: PA WIN

Role in PA-WIN Council

Lin-Lee is currently the Auditor of the PA WIN Council, the co-ordinating body for the 104 Women’s Executive Committees (WECs), and has been a member of the Council since 2006. She is also the Vice Chairman of the Queenstown WEC and the Queenstown Citizens’ Consultative Committee, which is at the apex of all grassroots organisations in each constituency.

Lin-Lee has been actively involved in the council’s key initiatives such as the WIN-WEC ITE Scholarship Programme which nurtures young female students to develop their fullest potential in the corporate world and volunteering in the community. Lin-Lee was one of the mentors for ITE College Central students. Together with her WEC, Lin-Lee was also involved in the Masks Sewn with Love Project to sew masks for children from vulnerable families.

Roles in SCWO

Lin-Lee has been a SCWO Board Member since 2018. She has been actively contributing as a Board Member as the Co-Chairperson for the Star Shelter and Support Maintenance Central, which support women and children from families encountering divorces, matrimony maintenance and family violence. She is also a panellist and mentor of the “Seeds of Change” Programme, which assesses and selects deserving organisations for projects benefiting women in their various capacity and a committee member of the SCWO Ageing Taskforce. Lin-Lee has also participated in many of SCWO’s major events and overseas trips including the ASEAN Forum on Women’s Economic Empowerment in Singapore and North Korea’s celebrations of their 70th Anniversary, invited by The Socialist Women’s Union of Korea in 2018. She also hosted the Fujian Overseas Female Celebrities Association at SCWO in 2019.


Lin-Lee holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree and LLB Bachelor of Law (Hons). She has extensive working experience in the Finance and Human Resource Development sector for more than 30 years.

Special Interest and Other Roles

Lin-Lee is a great admirer of the Chinese Culture. She has practiced Chinese brush painting and Cantonese Opera for the last 20 years. She has performed as the lead actress in numerous stage performances in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Singapore. Lin-Lee is also a Marriage Solemniser/Deputy Registrar, Panellist on the Cut Waste Panel, and a Council Member & Assessor for the National Council of Problem Gambling.

If re-elected to the SCWO Board, Lin-Lee can continue to offer her expertise leveraging on her vast experience in the community and her wide networks. She will also actively continue to explore collaborations between the WIN Council and SCWO to empower more women in the community.