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Maintenance Support Central

About Maintenance Support Central
The Maintenance Support Central is a one-stop drop-in centre that provides advice and assistance with problems relating to payment of court-ordered maintenance (following a divorce or legal separation).

96 Waterloo Street Singapore 187967
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm

Telephone: (+65) 6571 0185 (for general enquiries)
Email: mscentral@scwo.org.sg (for general enquiries)


Video-link facilities
We provide video-link facilities to assist with filing enforcement proceedings electronically in order to reduce the number of court attendances.

Video conference service operating hours:

Monday to Friday:
9.30am –11.00am
2.00pm – 4.00pm

We offer counselling services to provide guidance for women to rebuild their lives and to encourage them towards independence and confidence.

Payment is set on a sliding scale i.e. based on Applicant’s income:

Monthly IncomeFees Per Hour
< $2001$10
$2001 - $3000$20
$3001 - $4000$30
$4001 - $5000$40
> $5000$50

Credit bureau reporting 
We assist with the filing of maintenance debts to the credit bureau, which will record and share this information with its member companies. This act as deterrence for future defaults in maintenance payments as it reflects poorly on one’s credit report and affects ease in completing financial transactions.

See also
Report to Committee on Family Justice. Maintaining and sustaining the family – SCWO’s Maintenance Support Central (MSC), submitted in April 2013.

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