Molly Manners Holiday Camps



Molly Manners teaches children, between the age of 4 to 19, good manners, social skills and etiquette. This is accomplished through age appropriate, interactive and creative lessons. We enable children and teens to become confident, considerate and respectful to themselves and others.

Topics such as Positive First Impressions, Table Manners, Restaurant Dining Etiquette, Posture and Body Language, Conversation Sklls, Xtreme Confidence and Good Sportsmanship are just some of the various topics that will be covered. Younger children are taught the values of kindness, respect, helpfulness, friendliness and patience through engaging activities. For older teens, we cover topics such as business etiquette, interview skills, dressing for the right occasion and creating the first impression.

Event Date:
6 June or 19 June ( aged 13 to 16)
20 June ( aged 17 to 19)
14, 15, 16 June ( aged 4 to 7, 8 to 12)
Event Time:
1pm to 2.45pm
3pm to 5pm
9am to 3pm (for different ages)
SCWO Centre, Training Room 1
96 Waterloo Street S(187967)
Ranging from $198 to $228
Contact Person:
Clara Tan
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