Other Activities

Identity Matrix

How do we define ourself ? We inherently believe we have a Fixed and a Permanent IDENTITY by birth. By default. Hence, we live from this presumed ‘Identity’ all our lives. But, do we really have one? Identity Matrix is all about finding out for ourselves if we indeed have a fixed and a permanent […]

26th Annual Exemplary Mother Award

This prestigious award seeks to find outstanding mothers (regardless of race or religion) who are role models for their family, community and society. The award is to recognise mothers for their strength, commitment and ability to develop a cohesive family unit while also play an active role in the society. For the first time, a […]

Break the Ceiling Touch the Sky® 2018

Break the ceiling touch the sky® – the success and leadership summit for women® is growing  as the summit of choice  for professional women to learn, network and achieve across the world. The 2018 World Edition to be held in Singapore  features over 35  inspirational leaders from the worlds best organizations   sharing with delegates their best practices for success and […]

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