Other Activities

Towards Mindful Living

Organised by Cadence Coaching and Consulting Towards mindful living is a workshop intended to provide a conducive space for participants to rejuvenate, and to support them in enhancing their well-being through engaging in relaxation and mindfulness practices. Relaxation exercises help us to move out of an aroused, activated, stressed state into a calmer and regulated […]

Discovering Your Guides

Organised by MyHeartworks Have you ever heard a voice in your head that nudges you to back away from something? Or a deep gut feeling that tells you to go for it! Perhaps you have always seen signs from the environment to nudge you along your path? These are messages from your Guides that come […]

World Food Future

Join us at World Food Future (WFF), a first-of-its-kind conference on food science and nutrition that brings together all major stakeholders – government, big business, SMEs, academics and consumers – on one platform for a day of hot-button food conversations. It’s time to Rethink Your Food, our theme for 2019! WFF will take place on March 26th to celebrate International Women’s Day. […]

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