Other Activities

Breezing through Menopause

Organised by KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital Valuable advices and trusted tips from our healthcare experts will help you manage and overcome the common physical and emotional symptoms of menopause. The public forum will be conducted in English and Mandarin.

Your Guide to Common Women’s Health Concerns and a Healthier You – Revealing the secrets of painful periods

Topics: – Painful Cramps – ls There Something More? – Endometriosis Made Simple – Understanding Your Treatment Options – My Endometriosis Journey (Personal Sharing) – The ABCs of Understanding Your Troubled Monthly Flow –  Family Planning Options for the Modem Women

Gentle Birth Workshop

Organised by Baby with Bee Are you afraid of childbirth PAIN or have many FEARS and WORRIES about pregnancy and birth? Attend this workshop with your partners to learn how you can prepare for a calm and comfortable birth. Questions to be answered: – What causes pain in labor & birth? – How you can […]

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