Category: Maintenance Support Central

The Law: Upclose and Personal

In the past, Maintenance Support Central (MSC) has reached out to the community through its quarterly-held series of talks titled “MSC Presents”. These talks that are open to members of the public aim to equip and inform its attendees with knowledge, and empower them to make informed choices. With the same mission in mind, MSC […]


MSC Presents: Divorce Process and Procedure

So the marital relationship has come to an end and you have decided to embark on the difficult yet necessary journey of filing for divorce to allow you to move on afresh with your life. This decision when made can often be daunting. What should I expect? What are the requirements I must satisfy before […]


Preparing for Life and Death

As inevitable as death is, it is a taboo topic which is not often discussed, and many people are not prepared for it. Maintenance Support Central (MSC) sought to help with this through its latest edition of MSC Presents, which addressed the difficult topics of wills, lasting powers of attorney and advanced medical directives. One […]

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