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Ms Yeo Miu Ean

Board Member

Organisation: Women Empowered for Work and Mothering(WEWAM)

Yeo Mui Ean is President and Founder of WEWAM Limited.  Women Empowered for Work and Mothering is a non-profit organisation set up to support working mothers and stay-home mothers who desire to work, so that they can excel at work and in mothering, thus enjoying work-life success.  Ean founded WEWAM in 2011.

WEWAM is set up with following objectives:

  1. To provide training, programmes and other services to equip working women to better perform their roles at work and in mothering.
  2. To provide programmes such as training for working mothers in disadvantages situations.
  3. To provide opportunities for women to give support to working mothers in need.

WEWAM is honoured to be accepted as a member of the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations in 2011.  WEWAM’s signature programmes have been supported by MSF, the Ministry of Social and Family Development for the last 7 years.

Ean is Singapore’s Winner for Work-Life Leadership in 2012.  In addition to over 3 decades working in MNCs and local companies in roles including management, sale, marketing, training and operations.  Ean is an established trainer and consultant for work-life harmony and flexible work arrangements.  She has developed various WEWAM training programmes that have drawn thousands of participants and received good feedback.  Ean has also equipped other volunteer trainers to teach the following programmes:

  1. Workshop: Empowerment for Work-Life Success
  2. Workshop: Flexignition – Beyond Flexibility (Flexible Work Arrangements)
  3. Women Empowerment Forum (Tips about mothering and working in various life-stages)
  4. Loving Mums Connect Forum – Back to Another Future

The newest WEWAM programme (4) was launched on 18 April 2018 with President as Guest-of-Honour.  Stay-home mums and mums planning to work discussed concerns about return to work and presented ideas to address challenges.

In addition to conducting training on Work-Life Success, WEWAM organises activities to celebrate special occasions for Mother’s Day, International Women’s Day, WEWAM’s Anniversary and Volunteers Appreciation.  WEWAM speakers and volunteers also participate in community and industry events to increase the outreach about work-life success.

As WEWAM’s key spokesperson, Ean shares regularly in seminars and in the media about Empowering Women for Work and Mothering including areas such as Work-Life Success, Flexible Work Arrangements and Stay-home mums’ return to work.  Ean is also WEWAM’s Chief Community Builder as her personality and network have drawn many to volunteer in WEWAM activities for the last 7 years.

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